Votruba Brief CoverRelease date: 3-20-2012
Faculty research highlighted: Mark Votruba, PhD

Jobs are currently at the forefront of both public policy discussions and the everyday lives of families in the United States. Although two years of consistent job creation and an 8.3% unemployment rate for January 2012 indicate national progress since the lowest point of the recession in April 2009, recovery remains elusive in Ohio generally and Cuyahoga County specifically. Studies have shown than job loss has a negative impact on future employment, income, and economic security, as well as the affected worker’s physical and mental health. Job loss has also been associated with strained marital relationships and a higher likelihood of divorce. While these disruptions to financial security and relationships can be expected to impact the wellbeing of displaced workers’ children, very little empirical data is available on the subject. This research and policy brief discusses the work of Dr. Mark Votruba and colleagues to estimate the causal effect of parental job loss on children’s school performance in Norway. Commentary is also provided on the policy and practice implications here in the United States.

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