Sports Injury CoverRelease Date: 1-24-2013
Faculty Associate Research Highlighted: Susannah Briskin, MDAmanda Weiss-Kelly, MD, & Mary Solomon, DO

Consistent with the national picture of increasing sports-related pediatric traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), Ohio has seen dramatic rises in these types of injuries. Ohio emergency room visits for pediatric TBIs increased from 2,970 visits in 2002 to 5,167 visits in 2010 (Ohio Department of Health, 2012). As a result of increased awareness and concern for Ohio’s children, legislation was introduced to improve safety precautions for student athletes. This legislation, House Bill 143 (HB 143), was passed in December 2012 (H.B. 143, 2012). This policy brief highlights some recent TBI data, discusses best practices for preventing and treating child and adolescent sports-related concussions, and reviews HB 143 and related policy efforts, including implications for parents, coaches and other key stakeholders.

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