Schedule for the 2002-2003 Academic Year


Longitudinal Studies of Infants’ Risks

Lynn Singer, PhD
Deputy Provost


Examining the Impacts of Incarceration on Communities and Families

William J. Sabol, PhD
Associate Director for Community Analysis, Center on Urban Poverty and Social Change
Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences


Ethics and Research on Children in the Community: Finding the Right Balance

Eric Kodish, MD
Director, Rainbow Center for Pediatric Ethics


Pretend Play as a Resource for Children

Sandra Russ, PhD
Professor of Psychology


The Mental Health and Behavioral Consequences of Children’s Exposure to Violence

Mark Singer, PhD
Professor of Social Work
Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences


Friends and Strangers: Difference, Distinctiveness and Recognition

Mary Catherine Bateson
Visiting Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Education


A New Look at Intelligence

Joseph Fagan, PhD
Leffingwell Professor, Department of Psychology


Physical Punishment at Home: A Question of Children’s Rights

Penelope Leach, PhD
Psychologist and Best-Selling Author


The Psychological Effects of Disasters on Children

Karen Olness, MD
Professor of Pediatrics, Family Medicine, and International Health

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