Mann Externships 2015-2016

Olga Nazarenko, Spring 2016 Olga Nazarenko gained first-hand experience working in child crisis situations while conducting mobile crisis case assessments. She also learned about trauma intervention programs in Cleveland as an Extern at Frontline Service under the supervision of Jennifer Johnson and Rosemary Creeden. She took part in local focus group sessions to...

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CHST 302 Students Meet with Agencies, Think Tanks and Legislators and Staff During Annual Trip to D.C.

Childhood Studies students spent their spring break (March 6-10) meeting with government and nongoverment agencies, think tanks, legislators and staff, and advocacy organizations to discuss current child policy as part of CHST 302. The students used these meetings to gather information on their specific research topics: Mental Health Care...

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Mann Externships 2014-2015

Henry Barr, Spring 2015 Henry Barr completed his Mann Child Policy externship at Starting Point under the supervision of Constance Walker. His work at Starting Point was focused on the expansion of the Boys’ Project and researching best practices for out of school time. Due to the success of the Boys’ Project in...

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