Dearborn Brief CoverRelease date: 2-9-2010
Faculty Associate research highlighted: Dorr Dearborn, MD, PhD

This research and policy brief highlights the National Children’s Study, which has a study center in Northeast Ohio. The study will follow the environmental (using pre- and post-natal natural and man-made environmental, biological, genetic, and psychosocial factors) influences on the health and development of approximately 100,000 children from 105 locations across the United States from birth to age 21. As the largest longitudinal study of U.S. children, their families and their environments, the National Children’s Study will be a collaborative effort involving children of diverse ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds. The goal of the study is ultimately to improve the health and well-being of children. The study’s key scientific questions address some of the most pressing health and development concerns for today’s children, including: diabetes, injuries, asthma, obesity, autism, and learning and behavioral problems.

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