The following individuals agreed to have their contact information made available for networking purposes. 

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Akeesha Abdullah akeeshaa@merrickhouse.orf Merrick House
Anju Abdullah Office of Early Childhood
Erica Adams Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Terry Allan Cuyahoga County Board of Health
Kristi Andrasik Cleveland Foundation
Sarah Andrews Case Western Reserve University
Elizabeth Anthony Case Western Reserve University
Erika Anthony Cleveland Neighborhood Progress
Rebecca Baas Onslow County Partnership for Children
Nilda Baker, MSSA Case Western Reserve University
Minister Kevin Baldwin True Holiness Temple
Janet Banks Rainey Institute
Honey Bell-Bey Distinguished Gentlemen
Doreen Berts Informing Our Children Inc
Tonya Birney ADAMHS Board of Cuyahoga County
Gloria Blevins Black Child Development Institute-Cleveland
Patricia Blochowiak East Cleveland City School District
Lisa Bohlander Beech Brook
Sean Booker Cleveland Metropolitan Schools
Vera Brewer N/A
Cara Byrne Case Western Reserve University
Lindsey Camardo Starting-Point
Mallory Capasso Cleveland State University
Noelle Celeste The City Club of Cleveland
Erica Chambers Case Western Reserve University
Eddie Cheyfitz Believe in Dreams
Angela Ciccia Case Western Reserve University
William Clark Cuyahoga Job and Familiy Services – Childcare Licensing
Ryan Clopton-Zymler The LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland
Rennae Coe Cleveland Foundation
Maurice Cole Cuyahoga County Board of Health
LeeAnne Cornyn Ohio Attorney General’s Office
David Crampton Case Western Reserve University
Samantha Crane Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Lisa Damour Schubert Center for Child Studies
Joyce Daniels United Way of Greater Cleveland
Renee Darling Child Care Licensing Specialist
Michelle Del Toro Cleveland Clinic
Nadia Diamond Cleveland Play House
Jackie Diaz Case Western Reserve University
Anastasia Dimitropoulos Case Western Reserve University
Pamela DiPasquale Cleveland Play House
Heather Distin Lorain County Board of MH
Marsha Dobrzynski Center for Arts-Inspired Learning
Amber Donovan Amber Donovan Consulting LLC, Cuyahoga County Director of Open Table Initiative
Rebekah Dorman Invest in Children
Marcia Egbert The George Gund Foundation
Mason Feagan 21st Century Community Learning Center
Joanne Federman Family Connections of Northeast Ohio
Edie Fiala Parma City School District
Robert Fischer Case Western Reserve University
Kimberly Fleischman Rainey Institute
Dionne Fontenelle Euclid City Schools
Lynn Foran The Literacy Cooperative
Jean Frank Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods
Scott Frank Case Western Reserve University
Donald Freedheim Case Western Reserve University
Gerda Freedheim Case Western Reserve University
Annette Freeney Golden Ciphers Youth Development & Cultural Arts Center
Danielle Gadomski Littleton The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland
Laurine Gajkowski Case Western Reserve University
Sally Galanti Lawrence School
Leslie Gates Ohio Department of Youth Services
Jeanine Gergel The Bruening Foundation
Robyn Gibson Cuyahoga County JFS
Calvin Gibson Case Western Reserve University
Erin Gilbride The University of Akron
India Gill Case Western Reserve University
Michelle Gillcrist Office of Ohio Attorney General
Karen Gillooly Family Connections of Northeast Ohio
Grover “Cleve” Gilmore Case Western Reserve University
Max Glenn Cleveland Play House
Marjorie Glick Higher Education Compact of Greater Cleveland
Lance Godard The Godard Group
Linda Golson Cuyahoga County Childcare Licensing
Marcela Gonzalez Cleveland Play House
Derek Green Cleveland Play House
Courtney Green Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Mark Groner Beech Brook
Bridget Haas Case Western Reserve University
Amy Hanauer Policy Matters Ohio
Faye Hargate Cleveland Public Theatre
Phyllis Harris LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland
Kenetta Hayes Child Care Licensing-CJFS
k heitlinger The Music Settlement
Peggy Henderson Childcare Licensing
Fanon Hill Youth Resiliency Institute
Paul Hill NROPI, Inc.
Neal Hodges Neighborhood Connection
Neal Hodges Neighborhood Connection
Neal Hodges Neighborhood Connection
Neal Hodges Neighborhood Connections
William Hoffman Cleveland Metropolitan School District/Project ACT
Marisa Hollinshead Prevention Research Center for Health Neighborhoods, Case Western Reserve Univer
Charniece Holmes Family Connections
STEPHANIE HOWSE Ohio House of Representatives
Anthony Hubbard Golden Ciphers Youth Development & Cultural Arts Center
Pamela Hubbard Golden Ciphers Youth Development & Cultural Arts Center
Gregory Hutchings Shaker Heights City School District
Shayla Ivezzy Career Closet: More Than A Wardrobe
Annette Iwamoto Providence House, Inc.
Victoria Jackson Policy Matters Ohio
Vickie Johnson Cleveland Clinic
Lisa Johnson, PhD Ursuline College
Mittie Davis Jones M/R Jones Education and Evaluation Consultant
James Jones East End Neighborhood House
Yaasira Jones Sodexo
Rachelle Jones Cuyahoga County of Ohio
Patrick Kanary N/A
Kim Kanner Case Western Reserve University
Shawn Kebker Bellefaire
Tammy Kennedy Brainfood Consulting
Charlotte Kennerly Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Bernadette Kerrigan CWRU First Year Cleveland
Steve Killpack Healthy Fathering Collaborative
Audrey Kinsella CWRU Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods
Lisa Koops Case Western Reserve University
Alice Weil Krost Cleveland Metropolitan School District
John Ladd Invest in Children
Ismael Lara Cleveland Play House
Lee Lazar Rainey Institute
Renee Lewis Lawrence School
Amy Lewis Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Connie Loftin Starting Point
Karen Long Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards of the Cleveland Foundation
Doretha Love Universal Woman LLC
Ava Lucky Early Childhood Options
Fatima Malik MetroHealth
Christie Manning Saint Lukes Foundation
Karen Marshall Marshall Talent Management Consulting
Kathren Martin Cleveland Public Theatre
Ras Matunji Brainfood Consulting
Lolita McDavid University Hospitals, CWRU
Briana McINtosh CWRU Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods
George Mcpherson N/A
Mary Mcpherson N/A
Heather Meeker The Musical Theater Project
ROCKY melendez rockym@merrcikhouse.rg Merrick House
Nehal Methi Case Western Reserve University
Ben Miladin United Way of Greater Cleveland
Benjamin Miladin United Way of Greater Cleveland
Robyn Miller The Centers for Families and Children-Heights Family to Family Collaborative
Karen Mintzer KMINTZER@BRIGHTBEGINNINGSKIDS.ORG Bright Beginnings (formerly Help Me Grow of Cuyahoga County)
Michelle Moore TechCorps
Terry Moore Family Connections of Northeast Ohio
Mai Moore EYEJ
Royce Muskeyvalley Cleveland Neighborhood Progress
Shari Nacson Shari Nacson, LISW-S
Lisa Naylor Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Robert Needlman CWRU Pediatrics
Amy Neumann CWRU First Year Cleveland
Stacey Newton Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities
Vet Nixon Starting Point
Betsie Norrie Adoption Network Cleveland
SANDRA NOSSE Cleveland Public Library
Rivka Olgin CMSD Project ACT
Kate Oney Rainey Institute
Billie Osborne-Fears Starting Point
Gabrielle Parr Cleveland State University
Alison Patrick Cuyahoga County Board of Health
Molly Petrus Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Willie Phelps Neighborhood Connections
Cynthia Pittman Catholic Charities Diocese of Cleveland
Sharon Porter Childcare Licensing Specialist
Samantha V. Richards Cleveland Public Theatre
Suzanne Rivera Case Western Reserve University
Alexander Robertson Re-Inspire Foundation
Daniel Robison Case Western Reserve University
Shawna Rohrman Cuyahoga County Office of Early Childhood
Monica Rudzinski Cleveland Public Library
Sandra Russ Case Western Reserve University
Clarissa Russell Eastern Michigan University
Meghan Salas Atwell CWRU-Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development
glenda samuels mylifematter
parris rice sanders Sanders Laparade Early Learning and Training Center
Nate Sayatovich Cleveland Play House
Stephanie Scalise Scalise Legal Services LLC
Donna Scott Crossroads
Brit Seward Seward Family Connections
Perla Shaw Catholic Charities ELP
Elizabeth Short Case Western Reserve University
Bridget Simenc Euclid City Schools
Joan Spoerl The Literacy Cooperative
Abigail Staudt The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland
Rob Stevenson Jr Be Beyond Foundation
Rob Stevenson Jr Be Beyond Foundation
Audrey Stubbs Famicos Foundation
Angeline Sulak Cleveland metropolitan school district
Melissa Svigelj-Smith Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Alyssa Swiatek Cuyahoga County – Invest in Children
Catherine Thomas Starting Point
Qianna Tidmore Invest in Children-Cuyahoga County
Jane Timmons-Mitchell CWRU Begun Center
Lakeesha Tolliver-Funches Family Connections
Linda Torbert ADAMHS Board of Cuyahoga County
Camille Verbofsky Cuyahoga County Board of Health
Celeste Wainwright Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court
Constance T. Walker Starting Point
Cathy Ward Child Care Licensing
Deborah Wasserman COSI Center for Research and Evaluation: LifeLong Learning Group
Joy Welch-Bey Cuyahoga County Child Care Licensing
Kathryn Wesolowski UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital
Dr. Lynn Williams Ohio Department of Youth Services
Donniecia Worley West Side Community House
Zulma Zabala East End Neighborhood House
Marcia Zashin Cleveland metropolitan school district