Faculty Associate Releases New Book on Child Abuse in Uganda

This year faculty associate David Kaawa-Mafigiri released the new book “Child Abuse and Neglect in Uganda.” He co-edited the volume with Eddy Walakira. The Schubert Center oversaw publication of the book which is the first collection of research on child abuse in Uganda written by Ugandan researchers.


A book launch was recently held in Uganda at Makerere University, where Dr. Kaawa-Mafigiri is a professor in the Department of Social Work and Social Administration. The Minister for Gender, Labour and Social Affairs, Janat Mukwaya, attended the event and congratulated professors Kaawa-Mafigiri and Walakira for their work and praised the book for its “unique perspective on how to address various forms of violence against children.” To read more about the book launch in Uganda click here.

Additionally, UNICEF called for the government to “strengthen offices and services of district welfare and probation officers because they are critical in curbing child abuse and neglect in local communities.” More about UNICEF’s response can be read here.

Eddy Walakira, Jill Korbin (SCCS Director) and David Kaawa-Mafigiri