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Research & Policy Briefs

Research and policy briefs highlight CWRU faculty research and the implications for policy and practice. They are released in correspondence with faculty presentations as part of the Schubert Center Conversation Series. To request a hard copy of any of these publications, please contact the Schubert Center.

You will need to have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view these files. Click here to download.

1-24-2013 Lessons from the Playing Field: Addressing Youth Sports-Related Concussions — Susannah Briskin, MD, Amanda Weiss-Kelly, MD, & Mary Solomon, DO
9-27-2012 Adolescent Transitions, Developmental Assets and Parental Monitoring: Lessons from the Cuyahoga County Youth Behavior Risk Survey — Jean Frank, MPH and Erika Trapl, PhD
3-20-2012 Parental Job Loss and the Implications for Children — Mark Votruba, PhD
2-14-2012 Serious Mental Illness in Childhood: What Longitudinal Data on Manic Symptoms Can Tell Us — Robert Findling, MD, MBA
9-27-2011 Children Exposed to Violence & the Defending Childhood Initiative — Daniel Flannery, PhD
3-15-2011 Children’s Development of Mathematical Skills — Lee Thompson, PhD
2-8-2011 Early School Progress in Children with Extreme Prematurity — H. Gerry Taylor, PhD
11-9-2010 Lessons in Child Welfare Reform from Cuyahoga County and Beyond: The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Family to Family Initiative — David Crampton, PhD
10-12-2010 Improving Oral Health and Access to Dental Care for Children — James Lalumandier, DDS, MPH
4-13-2010 Obesity & Hypertension in Elementary-Age Children — Marilyn Lotas, PhD, RN
3-16-2010 Managing Mental Illness on Campus: The Student Experience Transitioning to College — Eileen Anderson-Fye, EdD
2-9-2010 Advancing Children’s Health & Development: The National Children’s Study in Northeast Ohio — Dorr Dearborn, MD, PhD
11-17-2009 Preschool Assessment: Appreciating Developmental Differences Through Play – Elizabeth Short, PhD
10-13-2009 Understanding the Impact of Foreclosures on Children, Families and Neighborhoods in Cuyahoga County — Claudia Coulton, PhD
4-14-2009 Parenting Very Low Birth Weight Children From Birth To Adolescence – Lynn Singer, PhD
3-17-2009 Pathways to Culturally Informed Music Education: Lessons from the Gambia — Lisa Huisman Koops, PhD
2-10-2009 Effects on Emotional and Behavioral Problems from Early Childhood through Adolescence — Arin M. Connell, PhD
10-15-2008 How are Children Faring in this Economy? A Look at Family Homelessness — Cyleste Collins, PhD
10-14-2008 University Community Partnership in Cuyahoga County: The Youth Risk Behavior Survey — Mona Shediac-Rizkallah, PhD, and Jean Frank, MPH
4-15-2008 The Role of Genetics in Speech, Language and Reading Disorders among Children — Barbara A. Lewis, PhD
3-18-2008 A Theory of Intelligence as Processing: Implications for Addressing Racial Differences in IQ — Joseph Fagan, PhD
2-19-2008 School Entry Dates and Overall Academic Attainment — Heather N. Royer, PhD
1-25-2008 Maternal Depression and Its Impact on Families at Risk — Linda Lewin, PhD, APRN, BC and Judith A. Maloni, PhD, RN, FAAN
11-13-2007 The Impact of Urban Hassles as Chronic Stressors on Adolescent Mental Health — David B. Miller, PhD
10-26-2007 The Long Term Outcomes for Premature and Low Birth Weight Infants — Maureen Hack, MD
10-9-2007 Children’s Participation in Out-of-School Activities — Claudia Coulton, PhD and Molly Irwin, MPH
3-6-2007 Improving Academic Achievement: The Effect of Financial Incentives on Elementary School Test Scores — Eric P. Bettinger, PhD
2-6-2007 Pediatric Bipolar Disorder — Robert Findling, MD
11-14-2006 Pediatric Obesity — Leslie J. Heinberg, PhD
4-1-2006 The Impact of Welfare Reform on the Child Welfare System in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, 1995-2001 — Kathleen Wells, PhD