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Co-Sponsored Event: From a Moment to a Movement for Children

Friday, April 26, 2013
12:30pm to 1:30pm

Doug Imig

Doug Imig, PhD
Professor of Political Science, University of Memphis

Spartan Room, Thwing Center, Case Western Reserve University
11111 Euclid Avenue

Dr. Imig will discuss current national interest in pre-kindergarten to explore the ways in which similar moments of political and public interests have (or haven’t) become enduring and powerful movements for children and youth. How have political representation, advocacy, opposition, and movement strategy surrounding children’s issues changed over time? What role has research played in these movements to influence practice and policy? What does this mean moving forward?

Doug Imig is Professor of Political Science at the University of Memphis and Resident Fellow at the Urban Child Institute in Memphis, Tennessee. His research and teaching concern public policy for children and social movements in the United States and Western Europe. He received his PhD in Political Science from Duke University. His current projects focus on the history of social movement mobilization for children and current policy efforts to promote child well-being in the United States, including the Promise Neighborhoods Initiatives.

The Friday Public Affairs Discussion Lunch has been a Case Western Reserve University tradition since 1989. The weekly discussions are sponsored by the Center for Policy Studies within the College of Arts and Sciences, and this event will also be co-sponsored by the Schubert Center for Child Studies.

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