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2006-2007 Academic Year Archives

 Schedule for the 2006-2007 Academic Year


Doula Support: What’s Good for Mother is Good for Baby

John H. Kennell, MD
Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics

Susan K. McGrath, PhD


Election 2006: What’s at Stake for Kids? A panel discussion of the election issues affecting children and youth


Pediatric Obesity

Leslie J. Heinberg, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics


Pediatric Bipolar Disorder

Robert L. Findling, MD
Professor, Department of Pediatrics and Psychiatry


Improving Academic Achievement: The Effect of Financial Incentives on Elementary School Test Scores

Eric P. Bettinger, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Economics


Panel Discussion on Children’s Health Policy


Making It Work! Moving Families’ Access to Healthcare into the 21st Century through Partnership, Outreach, and Advocacy

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