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Schubert Center Submits Comments on ODH’s Lead-Safe Rental Registry Rules

Date posted: June 26th, 2018

On June 22, 2018 the Schubert Center submitted comments on the Ohio Department of Health’s new Lead-Safe Rental Registry Rules. In the letter we raised several concerns regarding the proposed rules. …Read more.

Schubert Center Joins L.G. Amicus Brief to the Ohio Supreme Court

Date posted: June 14th, 2018

On June 12, 2018, the Schubert Center, with the assistance of Marsha Levick at the Juvenile Law Center, joined several other organizations in submitting an amicus or “friend of the court” brief to the Ohio Supreme Court in support of a lower court’s ruling that upheld a child’s rights to special constitutional protections during interrogations and a child’s rights to Miranda warnings when interrogated at school (In re L.G.). …Read more.

HB 318 Provides Guidance on the Roles and Expectations of School Resource Officers

Date posted: June 5th, 2018

On June 5, 2018, Gabriella Celeste offered written and verbal testimony to the Ohio Senate Finance Committee in support of HB318. HB 318 is focused on defining the qualifications and duties of school resource officers (SROs). …Read more.

SB 246, The SAFE Act, Aims to Provide Tools for Building Positive School Climates

Date posted: March 13th, 2018

On March 13, 2018, Gabriella Celeste offered written testimony to the Ohio Senate Finance Committee in support of SB246. Introduced by Senator Lehner, SB 246, also known as the SAFE Act, would limit how and when schools can issue a suspension for students in grades K-3, require principals to consult with mental health professionals prior to suspension or expulsion, and require schools to implement a positive behavior intervention and support framework. …Read more.

Ohio Dept of Education Strategic Planning

Date posted: March 9th, 2018

Policy Director Gabriella Celeste has been an active member of the Ohio Department of Education’s Student Supports and School Climate and Culture Workgroup. The workgroup provided strategies that have been incorporated into ODE’s strategic plan “Each Child = Our Future.” Read the draft strategic plan here. …Read more.

Tougher Anti-Bullying Measures Proposed in HB 360

Date posted: December 13th, 2017

On December 11, 2017, Gabriella Celeste offered written testimony to the Ohio House Education and Career Readiness Committee on HB 360. HB 360 would enact the Ohio Anti-Bullying and Hazing Act. …Read more.

Eliminating Mandatory Bindover of Youth & Addressing JLWOP – HB 394 and SB 64

Date posted: March 20th, 2017

On March 20, 2018, Gabriella Celeste offered testimony to the Ohio House Criminal Justice Committee concerning House Bill 394, which may serve as a companion bill to SB 64 (see earlier post). …Read more.

A Citizen’s Guide to the Cleveland Police Consent Decree with a Special Focus on Implications for Children & Young People

Date posted: February 14th, 2017

The Schubert Center supports advancing positive interactions between youth and police and promotes developmentally informed policies and practices. This guide was created to help the Cleveland community – and specifically young people – better understand the consent decree involving the CLE police. The Citizen’s Guide can be downloaded here.

MHRAC 2016 Annual Report Released

Date posted: February 3rd, 2017

The Mental Health Response Advisory Committee (MHRAC) released their 2016 annual report, detailing their work over the last year. Policy Director, Gabriella Celeste, co-chairs the MHRAC policy subcommittee. Throughout 2016, the policy subcommittee developed three draft policy recommendations: Crisis Intervention Team Program Policy, Crisis Intervention Team Response Policy and Crisis Intervention Team Definitions. …Read more.

Schubert Center Joins Aalim Amicus Brief to the Ohio Supreme Court

Date posted: January 3rd, 2017

On January 11, 2016, the Schubert Center, with the assistance of faculty associate Jessie Hill, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Judge Ben C. Green Professor of Law at the CWRU School of Law, joined several other organizations with the Children’s Law Center in submitting an amicus or “friend of the court” brief to the Ohio Supreme Court in support of eliminating mandatory bindover of youth (State of Ohio v. …Read more.

Sample MOU for Clarifying School Resource Officer Roles and Expectations

Date posted: December 15th, 2016

Nationally, and here in Ohio, there has been increasing attention to addressing challenging student behaviors while reducing the “school-to-prison pipeline” and looking to the role of law enforcement in the school setting to better ensure school safety.  …Read more.

Discipline Tactics for Truancy Reviewed in HB 410

Date posted: May 27th, 2016

Gabriella Celeste submitted written testimony to the House Education Committee on the discipline tactics regarding truancy and the negative impacts they can have on Ohio’s youth and the economy. House Bill 410 advances school-based prevention, intervention and support efforts and reduces the opportunity for court intervention by decriminalizing truancy and positively involving parents, allowing it to best serve the interests of Ohio’s students, their families, our schools and the larger public. …Read more.

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