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LGBT Parenting Explored in Conversation Series Kick-Off Event


The Schubert Center began its 2014-2015 Conversation Series Exploring Equity and Resilience in Childhood on September 23 with Charlotte Patterson, PhD, a University of Virginia Professor of Psychology and Director of the Women, Gender and Sexuality Program. Patterson visited Cleveland to share her research on lesbian- and gay-parented families and participate in local discussions about issues related to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) families.
The community and university partners for these events were:
- The Lesbian, [...Read more]

Director of Child Policy Receives Beech Brook Award for Exceptional Service to Children



The Schubert Center congratulates Gabriella Celeste, the Director of Child Policy, for receiving the 2014 Suzanne Brookhart Harrison Award for Exceptional Service to Children. She received the award at the 162nd Annual Meeting of the Beech Brook Board of Directors, where she addressed “Why Being a Voice for Children Matters Today- More Than Ever.”
  [...Read more]

Annual Report ’13-’14 “Advancing Child Well-Being Together” Available for Download

Annual Report '13-'14 Front Cover

We at the Schubert Center for Child Studies are delighted to share news of our year’s activities with you through our interactive annual report, Advancing Child Well-Being Together, and to highlight these partnerships which advance dialogue, education and policy to action.
Thank you for the efforts and support of all who have come together with the Schubert Center during the past year, and we look forward to continuing this vital work. We are excited about another year of building bridges and Advancing Child Well-Being Together. [...Read more]

Schubert Announces Conversation Series, “Exploring Equity and Resilience in Childhood”

14-15 conversation series banner

The Schubert Center is pleased to announce the events for the 2014-2015 Conversation Series. This year’s theme, “Exploring Equity and Resilience in Childhood,” will feature five sessions covering topics like sexual orientation and parenting, racism and play in preschools in early childhood, local and national adoption issues, and youth and violence. View the full series event listing and registration information.
The Schubert Center Conversation Series Connects CWRU faculty, students and staff, visiting researchers, [...Read more]

Child Policy Director Leads Social Justice Think Tank “In the Prisons” Plenary Session

Social Justice Think Tank 2013

In November 2013, the Social Justice Institute at Case Western Reserve University held a Social Justice Think Tank, “Educating for Struggle: In the Academy, Schools, Prisons, and Streets.” Schubert Center Child Policy Director Gabriella Celeste moderated the second Plenary session, “Educating for Struggle…In the Prisons.” The session featured panelists Dan Berger, assistant professor, Comparative Ethnic Studies, University of Washington; Kali N. Gross. associate professor, African American Women’s History, University of Texas; Damian Calvert, [...Read more]