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Schubert Center for Child Studies

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Name Title Email Phone
Gabriella Celeste Director, Child Policy 216.368.5314
Jill Korbin Associate Dean, and The Lucy Adams Leffingwell Professor; Director of the Schubert Center for Child Studies 216.368.4413


Name Title Email Phone
Prashansa Agrawal NMR Instrumentation Program Administrator 216.368.2404
Sarah Andrecheck Development Coordinator 216.368.4415
Krystal Archibald Research Assistant 216.368.6110
Amad Awadallah Research Assistant 216.368.2773
Susan Baab Research Nurse 216.368.2001
James Bader Executive Director 216.368.5257
Sarah Bailey Web and Cloud Services Manager 216.368.7552
Sakeenah Bari-Harold Department Administrator 216.368.0463
Richard Bihary Skilled Trades Worker 216.368.3053
Katie Bingman Undergraduate Coordinator 216.368.4301
Wendy Brace Director of Facilities Management 216.368.0138
Brian Brauchler Department Assistant, Undergraduate Affairs 216.368.5914
Julia Brown-Allen Graduate Coordinator & Graduate Recruiter 216.368.3556
David Carrino Technician 216.368.5180
Margaret Cullis Research Assistant 216.368.5362
Christopher Davis Research Assistant
Linda Day Department Assistant 216.368.3690
Lesa Dieter Research Assistant 216.551.1089
Gregg DiNuoscio Research Assistant 216.368.5519
Denise Donahey Director of Administration 216.368.3865
Kathleen Dowdell Department Assistant 216.368.2264
Jennifer Dyke Department Assistant 216.368.4413
James Edmonson Chief Curator, Dittrick Medical History Center and Adjunct Associate Professor of History 216.368.6391
Matthew Evans Research Technician 216.368.3687
Arthur Evenchik Assistant to the Dean - Special Projects 216.368.0430
Homer Farr Technical Director and Adjunct Lecturer 216.368.4870
Daniel Farst IT Support and Security Manager 216.368.2375
James Faulk Engineer 216.368.3589
Michelle Foye Research Assistant 216.325.7540
Lisa Freebairn Research Assistant 216.368.4674
Edith Gaffney Department Assistant 216.368.2186
Lauren Gallitto Department Assistant 216.368.2210
Gayle Godek Coordinator 216.368.1975
K. Scarlett Grala Department Assistant 216.368.4868
Karleen Gray Manager of Development Operations and Stewardship 216.368.0096
Susan Grimm Secretary 216.368.1508
Dan Gunther Executive Director of Development 216.368.2949
Paul Harding Manager 216.368.6696
Margie Harris Research Assistant 216.368.2777
Samantha Hill Department Assistant 3 216.368.2424
Janean Hite Financial Analyst 216.368.3843
Renee Holland-Golphin Department Administrator 216.368.2810
Michael Householder Associate Director, SAGES and Assistant Dean 216.368.4917
Kathryn Howard Laboratory Specialist 216.368.0697
June Ilhan Department Assistant, Graduate Affairs 216.368.5030
Mary Jones Department Assistant 216.368.3071
Sharon Jordan-Davis Executive Director of Constituent Relations 216.368.6913
Me’Lani Joseph Director
Maggie Kaminski Administrative Director
Katie Keane Director, National Development 216.368.3549
Kathleen Kjaglien Manager 216.368.4004
Thomas Knab Chief Information Officer 216.368.0975
Charles Knox IT Specialist 216.368.6695
Susan Kolenz Department Assistant 216-368-3557
Kori Kosek Department Administrator 216.368.6469
Becky Krumhansl Director of Annual Giving 216-368-2108
Kathryn Kwiatkowski Director 216.368.5075
Tammie Lee Department Assistant 216.368.3562
Clarke Leslie Associate Dean, Development and External Relations 216.368.5322
Anna Malefatto Department Assistant 216.368.0100
Suzi Mason Department Assistant 216.368.3622
Jessica McGuinness Department Assistant 216.368.4753
Jennifer Milligan Research Assistant 216.368.4925
Victor Morosanu Research Technician 216.368.5345
Lori Morton Secretary 216.368.4257
Jennifer Nieves Archivist 216.368.3648
Karen Payne Department Assistant 216.368.6593
Pamela Pearson Research Assistant
Catherine Pizzano Secretary 3 216.368.5014
Alan Pollack Research Assistant 216.368.3591
Kimberly Racut Secretary
Kimberly Racut Secretary 216.368.2700
Barbara Reebel Secretary 216.368.3703
Michelle Rizzuto Department Administrator 216.368.2214
Latricia Robinson-Allen Department Assistant 216.368.2340
Dawn Rohm Department Assistant 216.368.2714
Margaret Roudebush Director, Foundation Relations and Research Development 216-368-0588
Juwanda Rowell Department Assistant 216.368.2880
Susan Rozek Manager 216.368.2742
Brandy Schillace Research Associate
Keli Schimelpfenig Manager of Performing Arts Marketing and Events 216.368.1160
Kathryn Shafer Department Assistant 216.368.0792
Kellie Shaffer Secretary 216.368.2686
Tim Shuckerow Director of Art Education and Art Studio 216.368.2714
Jim Sill Department Manager 216.368.3651
Chandel Smith Department Assistant 216.368.3826
Tayrn Smith Director of Budget and Financial Planning 216.368.8936
Jerry Smith Director of National Development 216.368.2487
Robert Sobin Engineer 216.368.4359
Brian Sokol Director of National Development 216.368.0856
Emily Sparks Department Assistant
Garnetta Stallworth Clerk 216.368.3650
Laura Stauffer Department Administrator 216.368.0117
Cynthia Stilwell Executive Aide to the Dean 216.368.4437
Jessica Tag Research Assistant 216.368.1536
Deborah Tenenbaum Department Assistant 216.368.4118
Brian Thornton Director of Marketing and Communications 216.368.5444
Binh To Coordinator 216-368-0506
Agnes Torontali Department Assistant 216.368.3728
Laura Travis Department Assistant 216.368.3649
Beth Trecasa Assistant Dean for Strategic Initiatives 216-368-3468
Anita Tucker Manager of Special Events 216.368.5025
Lynne Valencic Grants Specialist 216.368.4527
Lori Waugh Department Assistant 216.368.2854
Elizabeth Weiss Department Assistant 216.368.2380
Ken Wendt Information Technology Coordinator 216.368.5456
Shelley White Department Assistant
Georgia Wilkins Secretary
Jennifer Wright Coordinator of Department Operations 216.368.2400
Lee Zickel Manager



Name Title Email
Kelley Kampman  Graduate Student Assistant
Sarah Miller-Fellows  Graduate Student Assistant
Danielle Turner  Undergraduate Student Assistant