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UNICEF Report Provides Up to Date Data on Children Throughout the World

Posted on February 2, 2014

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On January 28, UNICEF released The State of the World’s Children 2014, a comprehensive publication providing standardized national and global statistics on child health and well-being. In the report, UNICEF highlights areas of progress and continuing inequities in order to inform future directions for intervention. Among other successes, the report highlights reductions in child mortality rates, increasing immunization coverage, improvements in nutrition and increases in school enrollment. However, the report also notes continuing widespread disparities across multiple indicators between children in poor and wealthy families, communities, and countries.

The report provides data on a wide variety of indicators in order to better give a complete picture of children’s circumstances nationally and globally. These indicators include rates of child malnourishment, use of insecticide-treated bednets, use of violent discipline, access to clean water and sanitation, immunization, breastfeeding, skilled birth attendance, school enrollment, literacy rates, and use of mass media. A complete list of the indicators and tables can be found in the report.

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