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Dramatic Decline in Cuyahoga County Youth Incarcerations

Posted on November 5, 2013

New statistics released in October show a dramatic decline in the number of Cuyahoga County youth sent to state youth prisons. In the past five years, Cuyahoga County has reduced the number of youth incarcerated by 60 percent. Juvenile felony arrests and juvenile transfers to adult court also declined during the past five years.

A series of juvenile justice reforms passed in 2011 are the main impetus for this change. The reforms provided funding for programs such as RECLAIM, which allows juvenile offenders to receive treatment in their communities. These programs cost less and are more effective in reducing recidivism than traditional incarceration. Schubert Center Child Policy Direct Gabriella Celeste was a key figure in passing these reforms.

Statistics released in September show that the findings from Cuyahoga County mirror statewide trends of reducing juvenile incarceration. More information about the efforts of efforts of Gabriella Celeste, other faculty associates and partner organizations to bring evidence-based practice into juvenile justice reform in Ohio are detailed in The Bridge to Somewhere: How Research Made its Way into Legislative Juvenile Justice Reform in Ohio: A Case Study.

This Friday, Ed Mulvey, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh will be giving a guest talk, titled “Growing Up and Out of Crime: A Developmental Approach to Juvenile Justice,” as part of the Schubert Center Conversation Series. His talk will discuss the findings of his longitudinal study of serious adolescent offenders, as well as the importance of developmental perspectives in the field of juvenile justice.

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