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Child Policy Director Presents on Juvenile Justice for ACLU Series

Posted on August 2, 2013

Child Policy Director Gabriella Celeste, JD, presented “Arrested Futures: The Growing Criminalization of Children” on July 24 as part of the ACLU of Ohio Brown Bag Lecture Series. While the number of incarcerated youth has declined, the United States remains the largest incarcerator of children in the industrialized world. Celeste’s talk explored the highly punitive policies and laws, including school exclusionary practices and limiting opportunities for positive adolescent development, that often criminalize youth behavior and current efforts to decrease criminalization. Attendees also took a pre-talk “quiz” to challenge assumptions and misinformation about youth violence, the juvenile justice system and healthy child development.

The video webcast will be available soon on the ACLU website.

The Brown Bag Lunch Series, a component of the ACLU summer internship program, is free and open to the public. For more information and the full list of events, visit

The Schubert Center released a report outlining the process leading up to 2011 juvenile justice reforms in Ohio, titled, “The Bridge to Somewhere: How Research Made Its Way into Legislative Juvenile Justice Reform in Ohio.” Download the report.

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