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Kessler-Freedheim Keynote Address Co-Hosted by The City Club of Cleveland

Date posted: February 12th, 2018

The Schubert Center for Child Studies is pleased to announce the Kessler-Freedheim Keynote Address titled “Finding a Path to Equity: Media’s Role in Advocating for Cleveland’s Youth” will be co-hosted by The City Club of Cleveland. …Read more.

Cleveland: A Community Committed to Our Children

Date posted: January 17th, 2018

Join the Schubert Center for Child Studies at an all-day conference titled, “Cleveland: A Community Committed to Our Children” on April 27, 2018. For more information and to register, visit the “Cleveland: A Community Committed to Our Children” page.

Marian Wright Edelman Named Inamori Ethics Prize Winner

Date posted: September 8th, 2017

Each year the Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence gathers the community to honor an international exemplar of ethical leadership with the Inamori Ethics Prize. Case Western Reserve will present the 2017 Inamori Ethics Prize to child advocate Marian Wright Edelman, founder and president of the Washington, D.C.-based Children’s Defense Fund, during Inamori Center events on the Case Western Reserve campus, Sept. 14-15, 2017.

The Schubert Center is a proud community partner for these events.

Annual Report “Childhood Unfolding” Released

Date posted: September 8th, 2017

The Schubert Center for Child Studies enjoyed another year engaging in dialogue, providing education, overseeing research, and influencing policy for the improvement of child well-being. We explored the “Impact of Inequalities on Childhood” through our conversation series and additional lectures; organized another cohort of undergraduate students to learn about federal policy in D.C.; oversaw the completion of a community-based research project; and assisted in the incorporation of developmentally-informed policies. We welcome you to explore our interactive annual report, describing our activities throughout the year, and encourage you to visit our website for more information. Read the full annual report here.

Past Events

How well are law enforcement officers equipped for interactions with youth?

This was just one of several questions about police and youth interactions that was addressed by Lisa Thurau, the Executive Director of Strategies for Youth (SFY), in her talk titled “From Strategies to Solutions – Cleveland’s Evolving Story of Improving Youth & Police Interactions.”

Undocumented Migrant Children Face a Long Struggle after Entering the US

Miguel’s journey to the United States began in El Salvador where he was a gang member. When he refused to help the gang, his mother decided that he needed to leave immediately to escape the violence. His first attempt to cross failed, but his second attempt was successful. Just hours after crossing he was apprehended by US officials. Miguel’s story is not uncommon for migrant children from Central America and Mexico who are trying to escape violence in their home countries. Dr. Susan Terrio discussed undocumented migrant children in the U.S. at her March 28, 2017 talk. 

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